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G8973 1943 Feb 2015 POW, WARWICKSHIRE - Printed POW Card to ITALY with *** violet circ. cachet P.O.W. CAMP/no.39/GREAT BRITAIN (uneven strike with few letters failing to ink) and fine red framed CROWN/PASSED/P.W.52 censor both on Obv., slight surface marks/tones. £12.00 Buy
B0963 1847 Jan 2015 Small Env., opened 3 sides, with *** 2/line SUTTON/COLDFIELD at top centre of Obv., under BIRMINGHAM, franked 3 margin 1d imperf. tied **-*** =75= numeral. £10.00 Buy
E9209 1815 Oct 2014 E/L acknowledging a bill received, charged 8 to KENDAL with ***-**** LIVERPOOL o 206 o (31mm diam.) circ. dated mileage on front and a further *** strike (not an offset) on the back. UNUSUAL. £10.00 Buy
SE9313 1959 Oct 2014 ADHESIVE, INVERNESSSHIRE - Env. franked 1/3d Wilding (small corner fault) tied ***-**** INVERNESS machine cancel to NAIROBI where large STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA circ. violet cachet added on back, re-directed in KENYA. £6.00 Buy
SE8981 1826 Sep 2014 FIFE - E charged 9½ to DUNDEE with *** LEVEN/PENNY POST struck vertically on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £18.00 Buy
F2364 1845 Sep 2014 STAFFORDSHIRE - E/L with COBRIDGE STAFFs U/D/C (creased) on Obv., NEWCASTLE UNDER LYNE large cds across Rev. fold, to LEEK ***-**** marks. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP, a scarce Office. £25.00 Buy
SD0606 1833 Sep 2014 GLASGOW, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L from EDINBURGH to GLASGOW, charged 7 with ***-**** Unfr. Addl½, endorsed on both front and back 'left the place' - was the debt of £18+ ever recovered?, 3 cds on Rev. £6.50 Buy
SE5175 1805 Sep 2014 BERWICKSHIRE - E charged 5 to EDINBURGH with under-inked by generally *** EYEMOUTH circular namestamp clear of writing on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP £15.00 Buy
F3991 1926 Sep 2014 LANCASHIRE - PPC canc. *** or better CHAPEL LE DALE, CARNFORTH upright rubber (partly distended at ends) - message dated a year later by sender as 1927! £7.50 Buy
F3990 1905 Sep 2014 SUFFOLK - PPC (Japanese musical evening) canc. Nr**** WOODBRIDGE skeleton for JUN 1st. £5.00 Buy
F3988 1912 Aug 2014 NORFOLK - Birthday Greetings PPC canc. ***-**** ATTLEBOROUGH, NORFOLK for AUG 18th. £6.00 Buy
SE2864 1855 Aug 2014 LANARKSHIRE - Env. with 1d star tied ***-**** COATEBRIDGE d/arc cds (small part of 'DGE' lost off edge and the adhesive just creased at top edge by a light filing fold) similar to the Scots Local Cancellations in this period and RARE thus. The adhesive has full perfs. but is noticeably shorter in height than normal. YOU CAN VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £75.00 Buy
G8032 1846 Aug 2014 HERTFORDSHIRE, UPP - E (slight peripheral foxing) with **-*** faded red encircled PAID/1d UPP marking of BISHOP's STORTFORD struck sideways on Obverse, rather faint but v.scarce. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
F3986 1902 Aug 2014 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Un-dated c.1902 - 2 similar c.7 x 4" Envs. each printed top left from FAIRCHILD BROS & FOSTER, LONDON EC, both with partial =F.S.= tying ½d stamp, each............. £5.00 Buy
SE2630 1830 Aug 2014 FIFE - E/L charged 8½ to GLASGOW with *** or better (few letters o'inked) INVERKEITHING on Rev. and ***-**** GLASGOW arrival (mileage erased) cds on other flap. Minor edge repair needed where seal opened, slight tones/soils but was priced £20 by previous dealer a decade or so ago. £12.00 Buy
G8912 1831 Aug 2014 FRANCE - E/L chatty content (mention of diligence COACHES but has one paragraph removed on page two for some reason) charged 2/1 to COCKERMOUTH with **-*** green s/line P.PAYE PARIS on Obv., fine LONDON d.s. and dotted cds of the FOREIGN BRANCH both on Rev., written in English. £6.00 Buy
F3985 1971 Aug 2014 FLIGHT, LONDON, FRANCE - Illustrated B E A Jubilee year Trident 3 Flight Cover LONDON to PARIS with cachet J Afleck Capt. no 4 in a series, 1st AUG ***-**** LONDON AIRPORT s.r. cancel. £4.00 Buy
B6214 1822 Aug 2014 LONDON, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L to LAMBETH with blue Unfr. oval Two Py Poft/Unpaid/Tottenham Court Rd partly on address panel, slight damp affected top edge and right corner but not badly toned. On Rev., smaller size red rect. fr. To be Delivered/by 10 Sund Morn, L710 and RARE, both marks *** or better. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS RARE COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £70.00 Buy
F3983 1817 Aug 2014 WORCESTERSHIRE - Un-dated c.1817 E pre-paid 6 to BEWDLEY with ***-**** s/line UPTON ON S struck almost vertically top right on Obv., 'ON' in smaller size than rest. £10.00 Buy
F3980 1881 Aug 2014 ADHESIVE, NORFOLK - Env. with 14 dot 1d lilac tied Nr**** NORWICH 3/bar VO duplex, fine LODDON sub PO s.r. on Rev. £8.00 Buy
F3981 1912 Aug 2014 NORFOLK, SUFFOLK - PPC (corner crease lower left) canc. LAYHAM, HADLEIGH, SUFFOLK rubber - top name bit weak on final 3 letters but o'wise mainly *** if a little under-inked. £6.00 Buy
F3982 1915 Aug 2014 NORFOLK - PPC canc. mainly *** NEWTON FLOTMAN, NORWICH rubber and another available similar but 1920, STATE ANY PREFERENCE, each............. £6.00 Buy
F3978 1912 Aug 2014 NORTHUMBERLAND - PPC canc. ***-**** TARSET, BELLINGHAM, NORTHUMBERLAND upright rubber. £9.00 Buy
F3979 1920 Aug 2014 NORTHUMBERLAND - Haywain PPC (famous John Constable painting in sepia) canc. WEST A(LLOTMENT), SHIREMO(OR), NEWCASTLE ON TYNE rubber (fades on few letters towards top right) **-*** or a little better overall. £6.50 Buy
F3977 1904 Aug 2014 MIDDLESEX - Actor PPC Mr LEWIS WALLER canc. ***-**** BRENTFORD skeleton for JULY 15th, sideways strike. £5.00 Buy
SE9311 1840 Aug 2014 GLASGOW - E/L sent with ***-**** GLASGOW/PAID red boxed d.s. on Obv. for 13th Jany. = FIRST WEEK OF UNIFORM PENNY POST. Both filing note and heading inside show 1839 as the date but may well be a case of New Year Celebrations going on too long - the datestamp is quite clear and the rate would note have been just 1d if sent a year earlier. 15.00 £15.00 Buy
F3975 1922 Aug 2014 YORKSHIRE, ADVERTISING - Small group of SCHWEPPES Ltd., GELDERD ROAD, LEEDS ½d PSPC (all spike marked) in green or orange printing on Rev. (slightly different) acknowledging return of empties, all with LEEDS machine cancels (2 types) - each as they come.............. £2.00 Buy
F3976 1902 Aug 2014 YORKSHIRE - Batch of Plain P/Cs and PSPC all to wine merchants in BEVERLEY from various places in Yorkshire - BRIDLINGTON, BRANDESBURTON, LEVEN, DRIFFIELD, HEDON, FILEY and BROUGH - all spike marked but useful social history ordering wines and spirits, ales etc., nothing more than............ £2.00 Buy
F3973 1915 Aug 2014 CHANNEL ISLANDS - Comic children PPC canc. *** ALDERNEY d.r., weak on part arcs at base. £8.00 Buy
E6296 1847 Aug 2014 FORWARDING AGENT, GERMANY, GERMAN STATES - Trade E/L (in German) ex LEIPZIG charged 8 to HUTH in LONDON, showing *** small oval framed FORWARDING AGENT's cachet in green for KOCH & FREGE/HAMBURG (light crease and partly o'wrtn. by charge but RARITY 3 in ROWE) on Obv., posted with **-*** 2/line Unfr. HAMBURG/date. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
F3971 1819 Aug 2014 LANCASHIRE - E charged 1/1d? to SALISBURY (via LONDON) with *** ROCHDALE 185 mileage between lines on Obv., original charge of 11 (to LONDON) scored through, light creasing LA1009. £12.00 Buy
F3967 1907 Aug 2014 MILITARY, YORKSHIRE, RAILWAY - PPC Walmgate Bar (small closed edge tear at top) tied STRANSALL CAMP, Y(OR)K 3/bar VO duplex, ***-**** apart from couple missing letters in lower name. £6.00 Buy
F3968 1967 Aug 2014 YORKSHIRE, EXHIBITION - Illustrated Cover for YPA Convention with 4d flower commem tied Nr**** =125= upright 3/bar VOS numeral, ***-**** BRIDLINGTON, YORKSHIRE d.r. and Convention boxed cachet for PHILATELIC EXHIBITION enthusiasts, 6th MAY. £4.00 Buy
F3969 1915 Aug 2014 MILITARY, WW1 - Small group of Covers to same LLANDUDNO address, each with ARMY POST OFFICE =S.10= d.r's and all bar one with EXAMINED BY CENSOR (red printing) label at top edge, ex DUNKIRK, FRANCE, each......... £3.00 Buy
F3970 1915 Aug 2014 MILITARY, WW1 - 2 similar Covers to LLANDUDO with FIELD POST OFFICE =T.18= d.r. WESTERN FRONT - o'struck by red triangular PASSED BY CENSOR, each............ £3.00 Buy
F3965 1907 Aug 2014 NORTHUMBERLAND - 2 diff. Actress PPCs each cancelled Nr**** JAN 21st (inverted strike) or 22nd WALLSEND S O skeletons, please state any preference - each....... £6.00 Buy
E4820 1835 Aug 2014 LONDON, ADDL½d, FRANCE - E/L (one side flap removed with some loss of content but looks full o'wise) ex PARIS and charged 2/1d to EDINBURGH with fine 8 sided red framed 60/PP/E and boxed '½' of LONDON both ***-**** but on address area with internal lettering showing a little through to outer. £8.00 Buy
E7694 1892 Jul 2014 ADHESIVE, HAMPSHIRE, OVERSEAS - Env., franked two sep. 2½d jubilees to NEW YORK (where re-directed to St. AUGUSTINE) tied two fair and ***-**** BOURNEMOUTH 3/bar VO duplexes. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £10.00 Buy
F3963 1809 Jul 2014 LANCASHIRE - E charged 5 to RIPPONDEN with ROCHDALE 185 mileage between lines on Obv., figs. rather weaker but name *** L1009. £12.50 Buy
B1514 1868 Jul 2014 NORTHUMBERLAND, OVERSEAS, ADHESIVE - E to COPENHAGEN, DENMARK with 4d verm. RARE PLATE 10 tied ***-**** NEWCASTLE ON TYNE 4/bar VO duplex. A little soiling here and there and slight stain patch as base of Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
G3835 1829 Jul 2014 LONDON - E/L pre-paid 1/- but also seems to be charged 1/- at left (no note of anything extra to pay in postage) sent c/o Bankers W. D. CREWDSON & Co. in KENDAL with fair single framed rect. Finsbury/Square r/House on Rev. ('Sq' show only a trace). £10.00 Buy
SE8948 1882 Jul 2014 EDINBURGH, MIDLOTHIAN, INSTRUCTIONAL - Batch of FRONT & BACK ONLY part Covers all franked ½d green with either LEITH or EDINBURGH duplexes, used locally but each one endorsed 'not to be found' or similar, each as they come.......... £4.00 Buy
SE8963 1882 Jul 2014 EDINBURGH, INSTRUCTIONAL - Batch of small Es (no side flaps) all franked ½d green with EDINBURGH and LEITH (various varieties) duplexes, all used within the city and endorsed 'gone, no address' or similar and offered as they come, each...... £6.00 Buy
SE9285 1833 Jul 2014 GLASGOW, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L (slight water-staining in places making some of content less easy to read, trade, prices, markets etc.) charged 3/3 & Unfr. Addl½d to HUTH in LONDON but endorsed 'only double, Fred Huth & Co.' on back, *** GLASGOW s/arc across Rev. fold. £6.50 Buy
G1360 1870 Jul 2014 ADHESIVE, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Neat and attractive E to LYON, FRANCE franked 3d rose Plate 5 tied fine Nr**** LONDON 93 duplex, origin cachet for OSWALT & BAUMANN adjacent ANG AMB CALAIS d.r. TPO and red oval PD - all on Obv. ONE TO DISPLAY - VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £18.00 Buy
F3380 1912 Jul 2014 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - 2 x PPC (col. views of OXFORD) each canc. Nr**** WOOD END, TOWCESTER upright rubber. VIEW THIS PAIR OF FINE POSTMARKS AS AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £18.00 Buy
F3691 1904 Jul 2014 DEVON - PPC canc. Nr**** DARTMOUTH SEP 2 large skeleton. £5.00 Buy
F2147 1878 Jul 2014 ADHESIVE, LONDON, OVERSEAS - We have a group of E/Ls all franked various Plates twopence halfpenny rosy mauve with ***-**** LONDON EC numerals (a few ordinary LONDON/number duplex) to same Shipping Agents in PARIS, all PERFIN for HOLLWAY BROTHERS, VIEW AN EXAMPLE IN OUR EBAY SHOP - each as they come............... £20.00 Buy
G0438 1904 Jul 2014 MARITIME, EGYPT, LONDON - Fine Col. Chromo-Litho PPC an official advert for P & O showing S S ARABIA (message from PORT SAID) canc. Nr**** LONDON s.r. on GB 1d (in lieu of paquebot), few very minor isolated foxing spots. £10.00 Buy
F3690 1950 Jul 2014 EXHIBITION, OXFORDSHIRE, STAMP DEALER MAIL - Printed R C ALCOCK, CHELTENHAM addressed Env., sent REGd. with 2 x partly o'lapped ROYAL SHOW, OXFORD skeletons for 4th JULY, left example is stronger *** and the right one **-***. £8.00 Buy
G4380 1896 Jun 2014 ILLUSTRATED, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Slightly toned ½d PSEnv. to SOUTH AFRICA canc. good LONDON N =1= d.r. and has unusual large violet d.r. cachet at top left of Obv. 'LEIDERKRANZ/LONDON' with illustration in centre, possibly an early stringed musical instrument? - a psaltry I think they call it but I may be barking up the wrong tree. £8.00 Buy
F1857 1732 Jun 2014 ITALIAN STATES - Pair of similar E/Ls from REGGIO to FIRENZE - no town postmarks but possible rate marking on front. SE AN IMAGE AND OTHERS SIMILAR IN OUR EBAY SHOP, the pair for............. £20.00 Buy
F2444 1704 Jun 2014 ITALIAN STATES - E/L ex NAPOLI to LIVORNO - others may be available from c.1700 so please enquire as they are a good deal cheaper than Letters from the UK of similar period. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
SE3597 1870 May 2014 EDINBURGH, OHMS - Batch of printed OHMS small size covers (from the mid to late QV period) and Es without side flaps, each with various diam. EDINBURGH OFFICIAL PAID red s.r.'s. Many with Inland Revenue or Accountancy/Legal printed contents inside or the department printed on outer and a useful group for study or indeed to form a sideline collection. SOME LOTS FROM THIS BATCH IN EBAY SHOP. Please enquire or ask to see a selection - pricing per item from - £5.00 Buy
F3689 1915 May 2014 BEDFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** CARLTON, SHARNBROOK, BEDS rubber. £7.50 Buy
F3688 1929 May 2014 ADVERTISING, LONDON, ADHESIVE - Env. with 1½d PUC tied ***-**** GOLDERS GREEN NW11 machine, small pictorial vignette advertising 'London made VALERIE WEAR' top left on Obv., to Lewisham Drapers. £6.00 Buy
F3687 1904 May 2014 RAILWAY, LANCASHIRE, CUMBERLAND - Actress PPC to EGREMONT canc. ***-**** CARNFORTH & WHITEHAVEN T P O J54 3/bar VO duplex. £8.50 Buy
G9186 1907 May 2014 ILLUSTRATED, LONDON - Halfpenny PSPC canc. 60% WANDSWO(RTH)=2= d.r. and has a pen and ink drawing on back of soldiers with the words 'Salve' and 'S'olve' added top and bottom, minor ink smudges on address and a light central crease. £8.00 Buy
A9438 1918 May 2014 ILLUSTRATED, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Censored Env. to USA with fine illustration of the factory of Viking, Rennett Co. taking up around a third of Obv., slightly roughly opened along top edge but complete, franked 1d rate tied *** machine cancel but actual town & date section has somehow failed to ink, posted 1d rate from London to NEW YORK. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £12.00 Buy
F3686 1905 Apr 2014 SUFFOLK, RAILWAY - G E R Official view CROMER CLIFFS painted by FRANK EMANUEL, canc. Nr**** EYE skeleton for AUG 16. £6.00 Buy
B1045 1844 Apr 2014 WARWICKSHIRE - E/L (business m/s invoice) franked cut into 1d imperf (huge full margin at right showing small parts of the edge inscription) hardly tied *** BIRMINGHAM MALTESE CROSS, **-*** BIRMINGHAM TRAVELLER SKELETON for APR 23rd across Rev. fold, a little poor on few letters but others showing typical marked variation of irregular spacing, code + below. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
B7069 1824 Apr 2014 SHROPSHIRE, INSURANCE - Printed reply portion INSURANCE QUESTIONNAIRE charged 10 to NORWICH UNION in LONDON, with *** or better MARKET DRAYTON 156 boxed mileage in red on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £12.00 Buy
F3554 1833 Apr 2014 YORKSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - FRONT (edge fault at base and holed just above address, not affecting pmks) to JONES LOYD Bankers in LONDON, showing mainly *** framed Leeds/Penny Post part o'struck by better rect. fr. TO PAY 1d ONLY, ***-**** h/s 1 at left and endorsed MONEY LETTER - RARE, the forerunner of REGISTRATION. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
SE9305 1901 Apr 2014 DUNBARTONSHIRE, PARCEL POST - 3 similar un-stamped Parcel Post Labels (almost but not identical) all canc. HELENSBURGH fine d.r.'s, one about 20% off edge £4, the two better ones, each......... £6.00 Buy
G5594 1848 Mar 2014 KENT, SOCIAL HISTORY - E with printed 'On Her Majesty's Service' heading pre-paid m/s 2 to TENTERDEN with ***-**** TUNBRIDGE d/arc in faded blue at left on Obv. Originally had contained a GAME LIST to be filled out but this is no longer inside. £7.50 Buy
G9153 1830 Mar 2014 OHMS, LONDON, FREE MAIL - FRONT ONLY stuck on thin card, printed along top 'On Her Majesty's Service and, at lower left corner 'Secretary of State's Office' to SOUTHAMPTON with ***-**** double rim CROWN FREE (code + below dated 15th AUG) - not 100% of the year which is the only weak area in the cds. SCARCE to find on OHMS Mail. £8.00 Buy
G9525 1958 Mar 2014 KENT, OHMS - OHMS printed Circular detailing current AIRMAIL rates and other POST OFFICE information, posted ***-**** DARTFORD machine cancel to WELLING, opens out to slightly less than A4 size, 6 sides of reading. £10.00 Buy
F3090 1901 Mar 2014 CHESHIRE, OHMS - Small OHMS printed Env used locally with fine red CHESTER 1d PAID s.r. on Obv. £7.00 Buy
F3683 1916 Mar 2014 NORFOLK - PPC canc. BARNHAM, THETFORD upright rubber, top name ***, lower name better. £7.00 Buy
F3684 1921 Mar 2014 ADVERTISING, LONDON, OVERSEAS - Partly printed P/C (message in French to BELGIUM) canc. *** LONDON F S machine (exporting books to UGANDA enquiry on back), printed left half of Obv. with NATIONAL SCHEME FOR DISABLED MEN small circ. vignette and gives several different Firms for TELEGRAPHS etc. £5.00 Buy
F3679 1906 Mar 2014 MIDDLESEX - PPC close up col. view MOAT HOUSE, ELTHAM, light corner creasing and minor surface marks) canc. Nr**** ELTHAM upright skeleton for SEP 15th. £5.00 Buy
F3680 1908 Mar 2014 SUFFOLK - PPC (RIVER DART at SHARPHAM, TOTNES) canc. ***-**** SAXMUNDHAM skeleton for JUN 27th, part rim not struck. £5.00 Buy
F3681 1910 Mar 2014 WESTMORLAND - PPC (col. view showing people in horse drawn transport, with circular frame) canc. virt. **** AMBLESIDE skeleton for JULY 4th. £6.00 Buy
F3682 1912 Mar 2014 WESTMORLAND - PPC showing distant view GRASMERE VALE (2 creases) canc. ***-**** GRASMERE upright skeleton for MAY 31st. £5.00 Buy
F3677 1905 Mar 2014 SUFFOLK - PPC canc. Nr**** WOODBRIDGE skeleton (some lettering just a shade smudgy) for JUN 26th, minor surface marks. £5.00 Buy
F3678 1909 Mar 2014 MIDDLESEX - PPC canc. inv. ***-**** WEALDSTONE MDX skeleton for OCT 4th. £5.00 Buy
F2296 1906 Mar 2014 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - Religious col. scene PPC canc. ***-**** WELLINGBOROUGH skeleton for APR 14th, slight toning to much of card. Another Tuck oilette dated APRIL 1st - PLEASE SPECIFY date, each............. £6.00 Buy
F3674 1920 Mar 2014 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** BISHOP STORTFORD large skeleton for 28th NOV, birthday greetings. £5.00 Buy
F3675 1913 Mar 2014 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - PPC (Japanese? ladies) canc. *** BRIXWORTH, NORTHAMPT(ON) upright skeleton for SEP 24th, a little of 'ORT' and 'ON' off edge but a scarce place to find. £5.00 Buy
F3676 1913 Mar 2014 SUFFOLK - Greetings PPC canc. *** or better KENTON, STOWMARKET, just a shade unclear on few letters in top name. £6.50 Buy
F3672 1908 Mar 2014 GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Nr**** GLOUCESTER d.r. cancelling PPC (light corner crease) with fine NEWENT scarce skeleton for DEC 24th where re-directed. £6.00 Buy
F3671 1906 Mar 2014 SUSSEX - PPC (showing Railway from ROCKY LANE BRIDGE) with HAYWARDS HEATH skeleton for 10th SEP (HEATH rather weak or failing to ink, rest ***-****). £4.50 Buy
F3669 1916 Feb 2014 YORKSHIRE - PPC (GIGGLESWICK Church in street scene) canc. Nr**** SETTLE skeleton for 8th AUG. £6.50 Buy
F3670 1920 Feb 2014 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC sent 1d rate with ***-**** BISHOP STORTFORD large upright skeleton for 24th DEC., light creasing lower right corner. £5.00 Buy
F3666 1907 Feb 2014 MIDDLESEX, RAILWAY, LONDON = L & N W S Railway Co PPC of the LIVERPOOL EXPRESS taking water at BUSHEY TROUGHS, canc. Nr**** HATCHEND SO MIDDX skeleton for AUG 24th, re-directed with LONDON W machine, some light ink? discolouration around stamp area. £5.00 Buy
F3668 1789 Feb 2014 SOMERSET - E/L charged 5 then 6 to STOWEY Nr BRIDGEWATER showing 136 SOMER/TON rare 1st type mileage on Rev., *** or better except on 1st fig. not struck and 2nd only partly inked - RARITY F in County Cat. £35.00 Buy
SE9302 1838 Feb 2014 EDINBURGH, FREE MAIL - Early Env. franked SIR WILLIAM RAE, from EDINBURGH to POSSIL HOUSE in GLASGOW, couple small ink marks not affecting text at rhs. £8.00 Buy
F3663 1910 Feb 2014 NORFOLK - PPC canc. THETFORD upright skeleton for MAR 21st, much of rim has failed to strike o'wise all fine. £5.00 Buy
F3664 1908 Feb 2014 NORFOLK - PPC showing SHERINGHAM Promenade and slopes (light central vertical crease) canc. ***-**** SHERINGHAM SO NORFOLK skeleton for SEP 18th. £5.00 Buy
F3660 1907 Feb 2014 SUSSEX - 2 PPCs with fine RYE large skeletons for APR 24th or MAY 22nd, last as good as they come but please state any preference, each......... £5.00 Buy
F3661 1905 Feb 2014 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC canc. virt. **** St ALBANS upright skeleton for APR 2nd, just a small part of rim not struck at base. £5.00 Buy
F3662 1913 Feb 2014 SOMERSET - Local Birthday Greetings PPC canc. inv. *** or better WELLINGTON, SOMERSET skeleton for 9th OCT. £5.00 Buy
F3655 1906 Feb 2014 MIDDLESEX - PPC canc. WEALDSTONE SO MIDDX skeleton for FEB 16th, part of one letter and small section of rim have failed to ink o'wise Nr****. £5.00 Buy
F3656 1919 Feb 2014 SUSSEX, MEDICAL - PPC canc. Nr**** upright BATTLE skeleton for 2nd JULY, printed close up view of the Old Hospital at BATTLE, minor corner crease. £5.00 Buy
F3657 1916 Feb 2014 SUSSEX - PPC showing South Downs from Golf Links canc. *** and Nr**** slightly o'lapped CROWBOROUGH, SUSSEX skeletons for 10th AUG - unusually shown as 10 8 16 in date. £5.00 Buy
F3658 1909 Feb 2014 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC showing distant view of the town from the Common, canc. HARPENDEN, HERTS skeleton, HERTS only fair but rest Nr**** - AUG 14th. £5.00 Buy
F3650 1806 Feb 2014 NORTHUMBERLAND - E/L charged 9 to Mr CUMBERLAND GRAVE at PENRITH with *** BERWICK on Obv., useful lengthy content re method of building roads, paper brown toned at base of sheet losing a few words in text but 95%+ all OK. £20.00 Buy
F3651 1838 Feb 2014 FREE MAIL - FRONT with Nr**** example of single rim CROWN FREE with LARGE CODE E below for 3rd MARCH, as good as they come and almost impossible on full Cover. £50.00 Buy
F3652 1801 Feb 2014 CHESHIRE - E/L from ROBERT HOAKSLEY to EDWARD CHAFFERS Near St PAUL's CHURCH in LIVERPOOL, showing small CHESTER on Obv., 'S' poor o'wise mainly ***, small piece missing where seal removed at edge. £15.00 Buy
F3653 1903 Feb 2014 SUSSEX - PPC (view of interior THE STAMP ROOM - I think the decorations were made from batches of stamps?) canc. Nr**** BOGNOR small skeleton dated AUG 21st. £6.00 Buy
F3654 1907 Feb 2014 SUSSEX - Pair of PPCs with different size UCKFIELD skeletons - NOV 11th 1907 31mm and 1915 8th JULY 36mm, each with small areas of rim missing or off edge o'wise fine strikes, each......... £5.00 Buy
E0423 1911 Sep 2013 NORFOLK - PPC canc. ***-**** St. OLAVES, Gt.YARMOUTH upright rubber, RP view on front for interior St. Mary's Church, Bungay. £7.50 Buy
SE3975 1896 Sep 2013 EDINBURGH - ½d Newspaper Wrapper canc. ***-**** (shade doubled) EDINBURGH =N.P.B.= d.r. - Mackay 1210. £6.50 Buy
F3636 1935 Sep 2013 NORTHUMBERLAND - Printed THUNDERSTORM CENSUS P/C to Morris Bower canc. ***-**** HEXHAM, NORTHUMBERLAND d.r. sent ½d rate. £5.00 Buy
F3643 1904 Sep 2013 ADHESIVE, LONDON, REGISTERED, OVERSEAS - Small size PS REGd. Env. up-rated with block of 4 x 1d, all tied **-*** and better BERMONDSEY St. S.E. s.r.'s, to GERMANY. SCARCE USE TO FIND AGAIN. £10.00 Buy
SE9287 1825 Sep 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE - E/L (another page missing and signature scored through in biro) charged 11½ to AYR (& Nr**** Unfr. Addl½d of EDINBURGH) showing not quite *** Unfr. 3/line St BOSWELLS/GREEN/373-B mileage across Rev. fold but scarce to find, repaired tear with old piece of paper top centre. £15.00 Buy
F3619 1935 Sep 2013 WALES, GLAMORGANSHIRE - P/C (printed back) from DAVID THOMAS & Co., Wholesale & Retail Ironmongers & Colliery Furnishers, canc. *** FERNDALE RHONDA GLAM d.r. £3.50 Buy
F3620 1915 Sep 2013 WALES, BRECONSHIRE - PPC canc. *** or better BUILTH WELLS (small section rim and parts of last 3 letters over edge), BRECONSHIRE skeleton for 14th SEPt. £6.00 Buy
F3621 1905 Sep 2013 WALES, GLAMORGANSHIRE - PPC canc. fine PENARTH skeleton dated JUN 22nd. £5.00 Buy
G2022 1926 Sep 2013 SOUTH AFRICA - Nice batch of around 10 Postal Stationery cards, early QEII, mainly illustrated views and a good number to a crossword competition in case anyone is looking for thematic material. A few are also up-rated to Overseas destinations so PLEASE ASK FOR A SELECTION - pricing upwards from - £2.00 Buy
F3615 1913 Sep 2013 SOMERSET - PPC canc. sideways strike HOLFO(RD), BRIDGEWATER rubber, ***-**** except for the two letters hardly struck. £7.00 Buy
E4728 1904 Sep 2013 ADHESIVE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Printed 'OHMS' small INCOME TAX Env. franked 1d over-printed 'I R OFFICIAL' tied Nr**** CHELTENHAM d.r. and used locally, small closed edge tear top centre and v.minor surface mark on front. £20.00 Buy
E8774 1861 Sep 2013 LONDON, PRICES CURRENT, ADVERTISING - 1862 and 1862, small group of printed PRICES CURRENT circulars for TALLOW & FAT stocks and delivery terms, all addressed to PRICE & Co. at VAUXHALL who were Candle Makers. A further introductory page appears torn away but what is left reads as full. Some have additional refs. and adverts. for Candle Makers, Factory for let etc. and a good industrial/social history items. Offered as they come, fine and uncreased with 1d star tied various LONDON EC duplex types - each - £10.00 Buy
F3608 1910 Sep 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - PPC (good close up view of MILL FLOOD GATES, WHEATHAMPSTEAD, light corner crease) canc. ***-**** inv. WHEATHAMPSTEAD, HERTS large skeleton for AUG 5th. £7.00 Buy
F3609 1904 Sep 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE - Env. (with original Letter inside ex SOPWELL) sent 1d to CHUDLEIGH canc. Nr**** ST. ALBANS upright skeleton dated JUN 24th, stamp with small corner fault. £5.00 Buy
F3610 1866 Sep 2013 RAILWAY, LONDON, BANKING - E/L ex Bankers RANSOM, BOUVERIE to CORWEN franked lightly creased 1d plate tied mainly *** CHARING CROSS WC duplex and also tied by ***-**** encircled N.W./R.P.O./E which slightly o'laps. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS COVER IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
F3612 1915 Sep 2013 SUSSEX - PPC canc. fine CHICHESTER skeleton for 6th SEPt. £5.00 Buy
B5013 1902 Sep 2013 YORKSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL, AUSTRIA - 2 x PPCs ex AUSTRIA to SHEFFIELD showing a **** strike of tiny red capital 'P' near the adhesive, believed an INSPECTOR'S MARK, possibly applied in LONDON rather than in Yorks? YOU CAN VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP, 2 items for............. £20.00 Buy
B7098 1842 Sep 2013 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Small E/L (c3½ x 1½") with fair (under-inked) U/D/C SUTTON IN ASHFIELD on Obv. (under MANSFIELD) parts slightly o'wrtn. pre-paid m/s 1d to WYMONDHAM. £8.00 Buy
F3605 1903 Aug 2013 CORNWALL - PPC canc. ***-**** S IVES CORNWALL skeleton for OCT 14th (no trace of the T in ST IVES) small tape mark top centre from old repair. £5.00 Buy
F3601 1849 Aug 2013 YORKSHIRE - 1d Pink PS Env. canc. mainly *** =367= HO numeral of HITCHIN (filing note at left of Obv.) and has received ***-**** blue U/D/C CHAPEL-ALLERTON on Rev. on arrival. £20.00 Buy
SE9272 1808 Aug 2013 AYRSHIRE - Un-dated E/L (wmk. 1805 so likely to be fairly early) charged 7 to FALKIRK with ***-**** LARGS 445-G circ. mileage on Obv., a little o'inked but bold strike all readable. £12.50 Buy
SE9273 1881 Aug 2013 EDINBURGH, WEST LOTHIAN - Env. (creased at base of address and through stamps and postmarks) franked pair ½d green tied two sep. Nr**** EDINBURGH 2/bar duplexes (re-directed within the city) showing ***-**** BROXBURN s/arc of origin on back. £5.00 Buy
SE9274 1905 Aug 2013 PERTHSHIRE - PPC canc. CALLANDER skeleton for JULY 15, first 4 letters poor/fair and part rim un-struck but o'wise *** or better, inverted strike with fair TROSS(ACHS) s.r. of origin at top left. £6.00 Buy
SE9275 1932 Aug 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE - PPC showing printed sepia view of entrance to WAVERLEY HYDRO, MELROSE, canc. ***-**** MELROSE, ROXBURGHSHIRE skeleton dated 25th JUNE. £7.50 Buy
F3604 1913 Aug 2013 SURREY - PPC of FARNHAM LANE, HASLEMERE tied Nr**** HASLEMERE, SURREY upright skeleton for AUG 23, part of a second strike lower right, not overlapped. £5.00 Buy
F3593 1918 Aug 2013 YORKSHIRE - PPC canc. *** HUDSWELL (part of few letters over edge) RICHMOND, YORKS rubber (date and lowest line better) on view of Swaledale. £6.50 Buy
F3594 1831 Aug 2013 SOMERSET - E/L ref insurance matters to N U Office in LONDON, charged 10 with good framed No 1 r/House ex BRUTON on Obv., under-inked not quite *** Unfr. Wincanton/5" Cl: Post across Rev. fold - RARITY H in C.CAT. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £100.00 Buy
F3596 1904 Aug 2013 ENGLISH ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN, CACHET - PPC (Snaefell mountain tramway) canc. *** DOUGLAS I OF MAN d.r. with Nr**** SNAEFELL SUMMIT I O M dated diamond cachet at top left. £7.50 Buy
F3600 1849 Aug 2013 NORFOLK, FREE MAIL, POLICE - E/L unusually endorsed 'Free' lower left but still charged 5 to CLERK OF THE PEACE at BURY St. EDMUNDS ex DISS ref. settling up a/c for the MILDENHALL POLICE STATION, no actual postmarks either side. £8.00 Buy
SE9268 1878 Aug 2013 ADHESIVE, CAITHNESS, BANKING - Partly printed E/L from the ABERDEEN TOWN & COUNTY BANK to R B of S in LEITH franked ½d plate 11 tied Nr**** THURSO 2/bar duplex code C. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £12.00 Buy
F3587 1923 Aug 2013 CHANNEL ISLANDS - PPC canc. SARK s.r. code A, fine except for part rim not struck at base. £8.00 Buy
F3589 1911 Aug 2013 ESSEX - PPC (col. view - the Martyr's tree street scene) canc. virt. **** BRENTWOOD upright skeleton for MAY 2nd. £6.00 Buy
SE9270 1922 Aug 2013 MIDLOTHIAN - PPC (Episcopal church Penicuik printed view street scene) canc. ***-**** PENICUIK, MIDLOTHIAN skeleton for 28th JUN, much of rim has failed to ink. £7.50 Buy
G9610 1798 Aug 2013 YORKSHIRE - E/L (minor toning inside and some archival tape strengthening due to fragile type of paper) pre-paid 1/- to ROCHDALE showing *** small U/D/C HULL* with star, unfortunately the 'U' faint and is struck on the address line, rest clear and RARE (YK1551 - RARITY G) on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £65.00 Buy
G9714 1846 Aug 2013 SUSSEX, BRISTOL - Env. with cut into 1d imperf poorly canc. at BRISTOL and has CLIFTON U/D/C on Rev., larger U/D/C WINCHELSEA arrival on Obv., both *** or better and a scarce combination with the two UDCs. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £25.00 Buy
F3579 1951 Aug 2013 ADHESIVE, LANCASHIRE - Env. sent REGISTERED as FDC (typed address) with FESTIVAL set (small toned area between the two stamps) each tied ***-**** and better sep. BURY, LANCS s.r.'s for 3rd MAY. £4.00 Buy
F3582 1949 Aug 2013 ILLUSTRATED, SURREY, LONDON - Pair of c.9 x 4" Envs. but made out of OLD MAP paper inside, available for LONDON W 1 or KINGSTON ON THAMES, SURREY with Nr**** and fine machine cancels, each £5 so please state any preference......... £5.00 Buy
E2896 1879 Aug 2013 ADHESIVE, LANCASHIRE - Env. franked off centre 1½d (SG51) and (corner damaged) 2d blue plate both hardly tied poor/smudgy numerals, alongside ***-**** REGISTERED/MANCHESTER oval. HIGH CAT ON COVER FOR THE 1½d - VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £35.00 Buy
SE9264 1807 Aug 2013 AYRSHIRE - E/L charged 7 to EDINBURGH with mainly *** (slightly uneven strike) red KILMARNOCK d.r. circ. namestamp and fine red arrival cds both on Obv. £15.00 Buy
F3577 1935 Aug 2013 BELGIAN CONGO - We have around a dozen commercial Covers with a good range of frankings - please enquire as to whats left, priced from £ £12.00 Buy
SE9254 1820 Aug 2013 FIFE - E charged 7½ to EDINBURGH with *** or better bold 2/line AUCHTER/MUCHTY on Obv., left half of outer with just a little soiling. £10.00 Buy
SE9255 1844 Aug 2013 ABERDEENSHIRE, ADVERTISING - Small printed E/L advising Committee Meeting for the SOCIETY OF ADVOCATES preparatory to their AGM, sent locally with part o'lapped faded red ABERDEEN/PAID boxed d.s. and h/s 1 on Obv. £7.50 Buy
SE9258 1819 Aug 2013 ABERDEENSHIRE - E/L charged 10½ to EDINNBURGH from JAMES FERGUSON of KINMUNDY with ***-**** ELLON top right on Obv., paper a little toned in places. £12.50 Buy
F3573 1960 Aug 2013 ADHESIVE, CHESHIRE - Env. sent REGd. with GLO 1/3d commem., commercially used 12th JULY with ***-**** REGISTERED, BIRKENHEAD, CHESHIRE oval. £5.00 Buy
F3571 1895 Aug 2013 YORKSHIRE, OVERSEAS - Small size G PS REGd. Env. up-rated with 2½d jubilee (tiny corner fault) tied ***-**** small HARROGATE s.r.'s and additionally by fine bold NEW YORK N.Y./REG'Y DIV. large oval d.s., to COLUMBUS, OHIO. £9.00 Buy
F3560 1846 Jul 2013 YORKSHIRE, UPP - E/L to WATH UPON DEARNE showing red h/s 1d and blue HULL d/arc both fine on Obv., but much of the front slightly soiled. £9.00 Buy
F3561 1849 Jul 2013 YORKSHIRE - E to Land Surveyor in Bradford, *** pale green Witham Hull s/line and Nr**** blue HULL d/arc both on Obv. £12.50 Buy
F3553 1837 Jul 2013 YORKSHIRE, FREE MAIL - FRONT franked (Viscount) 'LASCELLES' (EARL OF HAREWOOD) with h/s 1d and scarce Unfr. Leeds/Penny Post both *** or better to PERSHORE. £10.00 Buy
E1724 1843 Jul 2013 HERTFORDSHIRE, UPP - FRONT ONLY with weakish red encircled h/s PAID/HERTFORD/1d on front, **-*** overall but a RARE mark. £15.00 Buy
F3551 1815 Jul 2013 SUSSEX, FREE MAIL - E (one side flap removed) franked by GEORGE HOWARD (6th Earl from 1825) with HASTINGS 65 boxed mileage and CROWN FREE (single rim for 6th NOV.) both *** on Obv., seal area cut away on back, the whole thing a little light ivory toned. £12.50 Buy
F3548 1951 Jul 2013 EXHIBITION, LONDON, ADHESIVE - Plain Env. with FESTIVAL pair tied Nr**** FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN LONDON SE1 pictorial machine cancel for 23rd MAY. £5.00 Buy
F3549 1909 Jul 2013 ADHESIVE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, OVERSEAS - Env. franked ½d (affixed sideways) and 2d to GERMANY, **-*** and *** CAMBRIDGE =1= sep. d.r.'s, isolated hint of foxing. £8.00 Buy
F3550 1845 Jul 2013 LONDON - E/L to HUSBANDS BOSWORTH (*** elusive WELFORD d/arc across Rev. fold) headed ex QUEENS ARMS TAVERN (incl. ref. to gentleman who took away the wrong umbrella and is keen to have his one returned!) sent with fine Nr**** red single frame PAID tombstone on Obv. £8.00 Buy
E7837 1844 Jun 2013 SUSSEX - E/L with encircled 'W' Sub PO of BRIGHTON *** or better but a little of rim over Rev. fold, slight soils/surface marks and some ink offsetting but not affecting mark. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £20.00 Buy
SE9237 1922 Jun 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE - PPC of CRAILING CHURCH (light corner crease) sent with 1½d tied **-*** CRAILING, JEDBURGH upright rubber. £6.00 Buy
SE9238 1961 Jun 2013 ADVERTISING, ANGUS - 1961-63 Small group of Envs. with either BOASE SPINNING Co. Ltd. printed top left or small pictorial vignette in blue OLD GLAMIS FABRICS, each canc. *** or better DUNDEE, ANGUS red 3d rate METER MARK - each as they come............ £2.00 Buy
F3477 1915 Jun 2013 ESSEX - PPC (local large Church view) canc. Nr**** SAFFRON WALDON large diam. upright skeleton for 14th AUG., slight peripheral toning/soiling. £6.00 Buy
B1305 1842 Jun 2013 KENT, INSURANCE - E/L (interesting Life Insurance contents) sent with *** or better red P.1 of MAIDSTONE on front, (part of 'P' just off edge) to the 'Life Assurance Office, 78 Gt. Russell Street, LONDON', complaining as to the level of bonus accrued etc. £15.00 Buy
E4393 1822 Jun 2013 SUSSEX - E/L charged 7 to LONDON with HORSHAM 36 mileage between lines on Rev., ***-**** but part figs. o'struck on arrival. £9.00 Buy
E4735 1917 Jun 2013 SUSSEX - PPC of the esplanade, SEAFORD (slight creasing/soils) canc. ***-**** NEWHAVEN S O SUSSEX large skeleton dated 16th OCT. £5.00 Buy
G1663 1965 Jun 2013 TELEGRAM, ADVERTISING - Env. printed at left with THE COMMERCIAL CABLE COMPANY CABLEGRAM etc., posted within London with 3d Forth Bridge adhesive and fair LONDON EC machine, slight creasing. £4.00 Buy
F3538 1855 Jun 2013 KENT - 1d PINK PSEnv. canc. *** =566= 3HOS with partial (off edge and a little smudgy) green STAPLEHURST d/arc on Rev. £6.50 Buy
SE9232 1859 Jun 2013 DUMFRIESSHIRE - Env. with 1d star tied fair =216= (4/5/4 bars but part off top edge and numeral not really clear) unusually with mainly *** LANGHOLM s/arc adjacent - NOT A DUPLEX. £10.00 Buy
SE9233 1867 Jun 2013 ADHESIVE, PERTHSHIRE, BANKING - E/L from the CENTRAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, franked fine wing margin 3d rose (SG 103 wmk spray) tied *** slightly smudgy PERTH 3/bar duplex, the stamp Cat. £300 OFF COVER, to Banker in KILLIN. £50.00 Buy
SE9234 1841 Jun 2013 EDINBURGH, WEST LOTHIAN - E/L headed LINLITHGOW but posted EDINBURGH - no pre-payment so has received Nr**** h/s 2 on Obv. £10.00 Buy
G9279 1911 Jun 2013 CHANNEL ISLANDS - Half a dozen PPCs INGOING to St.SAVIOURS with *** or better St. ANDREWS, GUERNSEY s.r. arrival marks, from GUERNSEY and other places in LONDON, as always best goes first, each around............... £5.00 Buy
SE9220 1903 Jun 2013 MIDLOTHIAN - PPC with fine LEITH skeleton for JULY 14th. £8.00 Buy
F3534 1956 Jun 2013 CORNWALL, MILITARY, OVERSEAS - Pair of 6d airletters to BFPO 170 posted with Nr**** St. AUSTELL, CORNWALL machine cancels but unusually has origin address on back as near WALSALL in STAFFORDSHIRE, the pair of love Letters for.......... £6.00 Buy
SE9223 1919 Jun 2013 ARGYLLSHIRE - Pair of PPCs each with (part rim not struck o'wise fine Nr****) DUNOON skeletons dated 25th or 26th AUG - state any preference, each.............. £7.00 Buy
F3536 1827 Jun 2013 DEVON - E/L to LONDON with fine Nr**** green PAID AT TAVISTOCK in scroll (lightly creased) but clear of writing on Obv. VIEW AN IMAGE OF THIS GREAT POSTMARK IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £45.00 Buy
F3530 1859 Jun 2013 LONDON - 1d Pink PSEnv. canc. LONDON SW/15 duplex with 110 KINGS ROAD S.W. U/D/C s.r. in dark blue I think, not black - both ***-****. £15.00 Buy
G9030 1900 Jun 2013 LONDON, ADHESIVE - Smallest size PS Regd. Env. RP22F (slightly toned) up-rated with 2d jubilee tied ***-**** NOTTING HILL W. HIGH St. with *** REGISTERED, PADDINGTON W oval alongside, v.minor opening faults right edge and a closed tear on back but scarce adhesive on Cover. £10.00 Buy
G9845 1851 Jun 2013 HAMPSHIRE, UPP - E/L showing *** or better red h/s Pd/1 of BASINGSTOKE UPP (thin type) top right on Obv., just a little smudgy or adjacent small ink offsets. £12.00 Buy
F3523 1905 Jun 2013 ILLUSTRATED, SURREY - KEVII? period unused P/C with view of HAM HOUSE printed along top SURREY EDUCATION COMMITTEE and Never Absent, Never Late along the bottom for KATHLEEN WALDER. £5.00 Buy
SE9214 1800 Jun 2013 LANARKSHIRE - E/L charged 1/- to EDINB. with Nr**** arrival red BISHOPMARK on Obv., light **-*** HAMILTON s/line on Rev. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £15.00 Buy
SE9216 1969 Jun 2013 SCOTTISH ISLANDS, ORKNEY, MARITIME - Pair of diff. col. printed MAIDEN VOYAGE Covers 'ISLANDER' to/from WESTRAY & KIRKWALL to WILLIAM CARSON famous Scottish Postal History and Stamp Dealer - 3rd JULY - 2 diff. CARRIED ON BOARD cachets - pair for........... £6.00 Buy
SE9218 1905 Jun 2013 ABERDEENSHIRE, INSTRUCTIONAL - Env. used locally with **-*** ABERDEEN d.r. alongside better d.r. a day later and mainly *** red framed GONE NO ADDRESS/1, this scored through and endorsed alongside in red ink 'house closed' - all on Obv. £8.00 Buy
SE4574 1865 May 2013 GLASGOW - E/L (bad damp faults inside one flap reducing contents but appearance fine from front) franked 1d Plate tied ***-**** GLASGOW 'BARREL' 2/bar duplex with curved ends to bars, hairline crease through name. VIEW AN IMAGE IN OUR EBAY SHOP. £30.00 Buy
F3513 1932 May 2013 CORNWALL - PPC canc. slightly o'inked ***-**** ZENNOR, ST. IVES, CORNWALL rubber (not certain of final year in date). £7.50 Buy
F3514 1924 May 2013 CORNWALL - 1d PSPC canc. slightly under-inked *** TREWITHIAN, GRAMPOUND ROAD, CORNWALL upright rubber, minor surface marks but scarce. £7.50 Buy
F3515 1913 May 2013 CORNWALL - PPC of country house LANNYEROOR canc. ***-**** WITHIEL, BODMIN rubber (odd letter partly struck). £7.50 Buy
F3516 1929 May 2013 CORNWALL - PPC canc. ***-**** GORRAN HAVEN, GORRAN, CORNWALL sideways strike rubber. £7.50 Buy
F3517 1923 May 2013 NAVAL, CORNWALL - Env. canc. **-*** REDRUTH d.r. to shipwright on HMS EMPRESS of INDIA with long chatty Letter from wife inside, minor wear on Cover. £6.00 Buy
F3521 1914 May 2013 HEREFORDSHIRE - Small neat lot of 3 Envs. with original Letters all sent with good LEDBURY d.r.'s to same address in LONDON - lots to read, as one lot......... £4.50 Buy
F3507 1844 May 2013 YORKSHIRE - FRONT & BACK ONLY with 3 margin 1d imperf. tied *** =60= HO numeral of BEDALE, showing ***-**** Unfr. Middleham/Penny Post on Rev., just o'struck on couple of letters. £20.00 Buy
SE9208 1849 May 2013 GLASGOW - Small E pre-paid m/s 4 to BELFAST with *** oxidised red 10 sided GLASGOW d.s. on Obv., 2 vertical filing folds not affecting postmark. £5.00 Buy
F3509 1943 May 2013 MILITARY, INDIA, AFRICA, WW2 - Pair of similar ACTIVE SERVICE green printed Envs. (two distinct shades) to BOMBAY each canc. FIELD POST OFFICE =642= d.r.'s (NORTH AFRICA) with boxed RAF/CENSOR/128 and other markings on Obvs., 10d stamp on backs (one not cancelled) and one Env. with a small piece torn away bottom centre edge, as a pair........... £12.00 Buy
C5279 1917 May 2013 ROYALTY, LONDON - Env., flap torn but all there, embossed with small red Crown. On Obv. ***-**** inv. OFFICIAL PAID/LONDON S W red cds, *** encircled purple cypher for GvR at lower left. £20.00 Buy
SC6810 1823 May 2013 ANGUS, INSTRUCTIONAL - E/L pre-paid 9½ to EDINBURGH, rect. fr. PAID on front also red rect. PAID in the/COUNTRY/date of EDINBURGH applied on address panel. Has ABERBROTHWICK 477-E boxed mileage on Rev., lightly file cr., all marks *** or better. £15.00 Buy
SE9196 1849 May 2013 EDINBURGH - Env. with 2 margin 1d imperf tied good =131= numeral, showing *** or better U/D/C STAFFORD STREET on Rev., slightly o'struck by LEEDS transit d/arc en route to OTLEY. £10.00 Buy
SE9197 1900 May 2013 EDINBURGH, CACHET - We have about a dozen OHMS Covers (few printed Cards) with red EDINBURGH OFFICIAL PAID s.r.'s each with a different cachet at left - REGISTER HOUSE, GEN. REGISTER SASINES, HORNING OFFICE, LAW COURTS, ACCOUNTANT AT COURT etc., covering a 30 year period into the 20th c., each average.............. £4.00 Buy
SE9198 1826 May 2013 CAITHNESS - E/L ex OLRIG (mentions money to be paid in at the Bank of Wick) charged 1/1½d to EDINBURGH with *** but o'inked THURSO boxed mileage on Rev., o'wrtn. by filing note. £8.00 Buy
SE9200 1831 May 2013 AYRSHIRE - E/L charged 8½ to EDINBURGH (seems to have another charge of 8 alongside and a third in smaller writing as if smudged to delete?) showing U/D/C KILMARNOCK apparently with one arc **-*** on Rev., not a clear enough strike to be 100% certain but NO DATE in centre. £10.00 Buy
SE9202 1910 May 2013 ROXBURGHSHIRE - PPC canc. ***-**** GATTONSIDE, MELROSE upright rubber. £8.00 Buy
SE9191 1835 May 2013 STIRLINGSHIRE - E/L from HUGH HILL at MUIRHEAD? advising death of HELEN WARDEROBE, fair DENNY s/line charged 4 to FALKIRK (no ADDL½d) with good FALKIRK s/arc arrival, both on Rev. £6.50 Buy
F3504 1907 May 2013 LONDON, OVERSEAS - Slightly age toned smallest size F P S REGd. Env. with 1d and ½d values added to GERMANY, mainly *** and ***-**** inv. REGISTERED, MARK LANE B O E C ovals. £6.00 Buy
F3502 1905 May 2013 POSTAL STATIONERY, MASONIC - c.1905 Batch of unused ½d PSPCs with printed details on back to dine at the MIDDLESEX LODGE, and to ROBERT G WORNUM at 82 Adelaide Road, HAMPSTEAD, each.......... £3.00 Buy



a.l.s. = autograph letter signed; E/L = Entire letter; E = Outer cover only, NO LETTER; Env. = Envelope; U/D/C = Un-dated circle, village marking; h/s = handstruck marking; m/s = manuscript marking; s/arc, d/arc = single or double arc date stamp; d.c./d.r. = double circle/ring; s.c./s.r. = single circle/ring.